We provide fresh, wholesome prepared fruits and vegetables for our customer’s convenience and value.
We will achieve customer confidence through leadership in quality, safety, service and a dedicated workforce.


  • Bassano Growers Ltd.(BGL), was commenced as a farmer co-operative in 1970; it operated at Bassano, AB. Following ownership consolidation in the 1980’s, the two remaining shareholders established a private Alberta company.
  • Bassano plant accumulates, prepares and packages Alberta vegetables.
  • A Bassano based frozen product plant was added to existing facilities.
  • A Calgary based facility for the vegetable business was established.
  • The fresh cut manufacturing in Calgary was opened in the late 1990’s.
  • The company grows potatoes, carrots and cabbage.
  • The companies operate within a food safety environment recognized by food industry standards and audited by a third party.
  • The company is listed as a GROWER-SHIPPER-PACKER in The Produce Reporter Co., Blue Book.


2012 working on fulfilling the standards of Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) on all production lines.
2012 have additional capacity for blanching and quick freezing commercial vegetable, namely carrots and potatoes
2012 developing additional lines for retail sales in the fall of this year, namely baby peeled carrots; small potatoes; and fresh, Alberta grown green beans,red and green cabbage, beets, brocolli
2012 continued to develop fresh cut retail products of seasonal nature
2011 initiated a raw material tracing program for food quality and safety, stretching from the grower to the consumer
2011 developed and expanded line of fresh cut retail vegetable products
2010 sold retail BGL branded line of local Alberta fresh carrots
2010 offered more space and services for warehousing, cooler space, forwarding, re-packing etc.
2009 launched a fresh pre cooked retail potato product line with the brand name of Todays Potatoes.
2008 developed additional value chain linkages with local Alberta vegetable growers
2008 produced and sold additional customers frozen potato and carrot products
2007 research commenced for pre cooked potato products
2007 a constant improvement policy is adopted for food quality and safety
2006 expanded warehouse and cooler space in one location in Calgary, Ab.
2006 new equipment installed and operated for improved potato peeling
2005 developed a line of retail produce products in trays and other packs suitable for smaller household requirements
2005 completed a new company marketing folder
2004 additional fresh cut sales included cut fruit, sliced tomato
2004 added retail items including veggie trays
2003 continued NA frozen product sales
2003 developed retail fresh cut deli products
2003 developed a new marketing brochure
2002 commenced NA frozen product sales
2002 combined the retail vegetable facility with the fresh cut manufacturing plant in Calgary
2001 continued offshore frozen product sales
2000 developed an expanded product line of fresh cut
1999 fulfilled offshore contract markets for frozen products
1998 commence frozen vegetable products production at Bassano plant
1998 commenced fresh cut vegetable operations in Calgary


  • The companies employ full time and part time staff in Bassano and in Calgary, this includes seasonal and contract employees.
  • The companies advertise for full time employees through the regular channels of communication.
  • Walk in applications can be accepted for casual, temporary or contract employees.